Sending Custom Menus To Clients

Sending Custom Menus To Clients

This short video provides you a step by step tutorial for creating custom menus and private menumore pages for your clients. 

Account Types

Account Types

There are three types of accounts:

1. Organizational Admin: These users control access to your entire organization. They can invite other organizational admins, location admins, and location staff. They can view, edit, and delete any item or location. This is the most powerful account. 

2. Location Admin: These individuals can invite other location admins and location staff. Typically this is your restaurant chef or manager. 

3. Staff: This account is designed for individuals in the restaurant that you don't to have the ability to add or delete items. Typically this would be servers or other line level staff. 

Item Views: 

Items can be saved for view by admins, by staff (this includes admins) or for the public. There may be times, typically during menu development, where you save items that you are not ready to release to the staff so you save them for admins. When you are getting ready to launch your menu you may want to change the setting to 'staff'. Finally, when the item is 'live' on your menu you would change it to public. 

How Do I Create A New Item?

How Do I Create A New Item?

Creating a new item is a very intuitive process. Once you are logged in and on the menu page of your location follow the wizard which will walk you through the process. Remember, pairings can only be added if they are already on your menu somewhere. So if you want to add a wine pairing to one of your items make sure you have already put that wine on your menu. 

Here is a quick video that will walk you through creating a menu item. 

Do I need a professional photographer?


Take a look here and here. These were taken with iPhones. The reality is today we have very powerful cameras in our hands.

With the right light (and natural is better) you can take photos that just a few years ago would have required an expensive camera or professional photographer. Take a look at these key points here and you will see how easy it is to create great images of your items. We only shoot with a iPhone or iPad. 

This photo was taken with an iPhone 'on the fly', in a kitchen, with no editing. 

How do I take great photos?

"The best camera to use is the one you have with you."

For that reason, we believe that using our mobile device is the best method for capturing menu items. It is easy. Fast. And much more cost effective than a photographer.

Here are a couple of the basics of using an iPhone or iPad when taking photos. 

All of these shots were taken with an iPhone with no editing.

Be Natural
Try to use natural light when possible. Put your item in natural light and fire away. You are almost guaranteed to have a great shot. 

No Flash

The bright lights of the kitchen are better than a direct flash.

Shoot From The Side  

Use the on screen focus to force a focus point. If aim your device camera at an item and tap an area the camera will be forced to focus on that location. 


Shoot From Above

You can also shoot from above. Let the food fill the screen. The entire item will be focused.

Don’t overthink this. You can take great shots and you don’t need a photographer. Find some good light and you will see. We think the camera app that comes on the iPhone works just fine but we also recommend Camera+ which you can download here