"The best camera to use is the one you have with you."

For that reason, we believe that using our mobile device is the best method for capturing menu items. It is easy. Fast. And much more cost effective than a photographer.

Here are a couple of the basics of using an iPhone or iPad when taking photos. 

All of these shots were taken with an iPhone with no editing.

Be Natural
Try to use natural light when possible. Put your item in natural light and fire away. You are almost guaranteed to have a great shot. 

No Flash

The bright lights of the kitchen are better than a direct flash.

Shoot From The Side  

Use the on screen focus to force a focus point. If aim your device camera at an item and tap an area the camera will be forced to focus on that location. 


Shoot From Above

You can also shoot from above. Let the food fill the screen. The entire item will be focused.

Don’t overthink this. You can take great shots and you don’t need a photographer. Find some good light and you will see. We think the camera app that comes on the iPhone works just fine but we also recommend Camera+ which you can download here