The Idea:

We struggled to store and communicate menu items and their details to our teams. It was impacting the quality of our product and our guest experiences. It was very frustrating.

We would create something and stick it on the menu. Along the way someone would create food notes, distribute them to the staff, and test the team for their retention. Then, items would change but the food notes wouldn't. Usually recipes pass down like cavemen communicated - with photos on the walls. And then sometimes, no one communicated anything. Items vanished.

We would turnaround and four months later everything was out of date and it would then be a monumental process to get the menu back in order. More often than not, we would just not fix it. We'd opt to just keep going. Maybe once a year, when we could breathe, we would make everyone get the menus up-to-date. Maybe you know the feeling. 

We looked for a solution and tried a few. They are, for the most part, very expensive and complicated. Usually, menu solutions are an afterthought as some part of a larger procurement system. As a big company, we had the resources at our disposal to try them all. And unfortunately they didn’t do what we needed. 

What We Wanted:

A few factors drove our design decisions. We wanted:

cloud based recipe management
  • To easily store menu items in a secure location (cloud based). 
  • A simple, intuitive, and beautiful platform.
  • Mobile. It had to be editable outside of the office. We wanted it to work on menus at the pass or on the floor. 
  • Permissions so we could share. We wanted to be able to invite users to view the menu item details without having the ability to edit, etc. (i.e., Servers vs Chefs). 
  • Easy. We wanted anyone to be able to use the system without training. 
  • We wanted food notes to print in a highly readable and well formatted report. 
  • We also wanted to record and display:
    • Images / Ingredients / Steps / Nutrition / Allergies / Pairings
    • We wanted to be able to chose whether or not we published each one of these. ie, public, staff only, or keep private. For example, the ability to show an image but keeping ingredients secret. 
    • We wanted nutritional content to calculate automatically. 

Show Me:

Humans are visual. We believe that menus should be seen, not read. Guests and clients should see what you do. Gone are the PDF menus on your website that your developer forgot to update. 

Have you ever tried to read a restaurants menu on your mobile phone? Just doesn’t "work." So we worked to solve that issue too. 

With MenuMore you show your ‘live’ menu 24/7. 86'd something? Just un-publish from your mobile and it'll drop from the live menu. Simple. Do it in the middle of service. While standing at expo. Whenever. Wherever. 


We still like humans and sometimes technology gets in the way of humanity.

Let us be clear. We are not in the business of putting a tablet in the hands of your guests. 

There are companies that do that. We think that it is easier, as a guest, to browse on your own device. It is also less expensive for the restaurant. Imagine sitting down to dinner and simply browsing beautiful photos of each menu item. Including nightly specials. You see ingredients, pairings, nutrition, and comments from the chef. Easy. Delightful.

We have some other ideas to build too but those are in the works. We are also open to your ideas. Let us know your perspective. Meanwhile, we have this great tool that has become more than we expected. We believe in being better today than yesterday. It's our DNA. MenuMore will continue to grow and improve but always be easy to use.  We're focused on building tools that make running your business more efficient, more profitable, and more fun. Our objective is simple: We're here to help you win. 

That’s the story. I hope a bit-o background helps fill in the picture. Drop me a note. We know we can help - one way or another. We look forward to meeting you.  


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PS: We believe in only working with great people and doing our part to make the world a little better and a little more fun. We love technology for its ability to do that. We believe in being better today than you were yesterday. 1% improvement each day. 

We believe in doing what you say and doing the right thing for your family, customers, and partners. It may mean you make a little less, but sleep a little better. In the end it all works out.

We know you will enjoy using MenuMore. Please drop us a note if we can help or you have feedback.